Tseko Tattoo Studios

New Artist

Tseko Studios is proud to introduce Matthew Kurtyka as the shop’s new second chair.

Rob Tseko


Becoming Conscious

Coming from a not-so well off early life, Rob was inspired to take action and work hard knowing that nothing is free and only with hard work and determination, anything you set your intention toward, can truly manifest. However, life for Rob, as for many of us, wasn’t always easy and Rob found himself embracing everything life had to offer, possibly to a fault.

In 2015 Rob found the practice of meditation and yoga and implemented this practice into his life which completely changed every aspect of the way in which he saw the world.

“”Through the practice I was able to get control of my addictive behaviors and learn to see signs, have faith and trust the universe towards taking action to manifest and create a desirable reality which has now been translated into an occupation which I truly appreciate and love.”

Creating Tseko Studios

“Ive always beeen able to see things that most other people that artists cant and been able to use that to my advantage to create art that is very unique using my own inspired style.”

Starting with portraits, Rob quickly realized he had a natural ability.

After working at another local tattoo shop & due to unfortunate circumstances, the owner of the tattoo shop decided to move his shop to another state. Rob took this as a sign that the universe was pushing him toward acting on his dream to open his own shop.